Herm’s Exhibition in China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2023 was a Complete Success


As a relatively well-known animal feed-making machine manufacturer in China, Henan Herm Machinery Co., Ltd participated in China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2023. This exhibition has brought us rich rewards.

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Enhanced Visibility: Showcasing our products and services at the exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to increase our visibility. We meticulously arranged our booth, showcasing our latest and most attractive products, as well as the various services we offer. Our feed pellet production line videos, 3D models, image displays, and various types of feed products were comprehensively presented to customers. During the exhibition, our team members actively engaged with visitors, introducing the features, advantages, and applications of our products. We also provided demonstrations and samples for visitors to experience our products firsthand. Meanwhile, our staff patiently answered visitors' questions, addressing any concerns or queries they may have had.

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Market Insights: By interacting with other exhibitors and observing the activities of competitors and other exhibitors, we gained valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and emerging technologies. This information is crucial for shaping our strategies and maintaining market competitiveness.

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Expanded Customer Base: Through interactions with attendees, we collected a large number of potential customer contact information, laying a solid foundation for expanding our business.

In-depth Product Understanding: During the exhibition, we noticed that many attendees showed a keen interest in our products and sought detailed information about them. Firstly, we showcased our products at the booth and provided detailed demonstrations and explanations to customers. Our displays included information on product features, characteristics, application scenarios, and comparative advantages over competing products.

This allowed customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of our products and deepen their appreciation of their performance and suitability. Secondly, our team members accompanied customers throughout the exhibition, patiently answering their questions and concerns. Customers had the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with us, asking about technical details, usage methods, and after-sales service.

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Our team members provided professional answers and comprehensive support and guidance to customers. In addition to face-to-face interactions at the booth, we also provided customers with readily available materials such as product manuals, technical specifications, and user case studies. These materials allowed customers to continue their product exploration after the exhibition, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Overall, we provided customers with ample opportunities and resources to deepen their understanding of our products. Customers' keen interest in and detailed understanding of the products demonstrate the attractiveness of our products and their ability to meet customer needs, laying a solid foundation for establishing strong business relationships with these customers in the future.

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New Customers Placing Direct Orders: During the exhibition, some new customers showed a strong interest in our products and placed direct orders to purchase them. This direct ordering behavior indicates their trust and satisfaction with our products and reflects the attractiveness and competitiveness of our products. These new customers may have gained a comprehensive understanding of our products after interacting with our team members and developed confidence in their performance, quality, and suitability. Their positive attitude towards our products is gratifying and makes us more optimistic about the market prospects for our products.

For our team, new customers placing direct orders are an important achievement and recognition of our efforts and performance at the exhibition. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of our sales strategies and product demonstrations. The orders from these new customers not only bring tangible business revenue but also establish new customer relationships, laying the foundation for future business development.

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Meeting with Existing Customers: During the exhibition, we were delighted to find that some existing customers specifically came to meet with us. This indicates their trust and loyalty to our brand and services, as well as their continued interest in maintaining business relationships with us. Firstly, meeting with existing customers is a meaningful interaction. This face-to-face communication not only strengthens our relationship with customers but also allows us to gain deeper insights into their needs and feedback.

We can listen to their opinions and suggestions, understand their views on our products and services, and further enhance the quality of our products and services. Secondly, the arrival of existing customers also brought valuable feedback and suggestions. They may share their usage experiences, encountered problems, and views on our future development direction. This feedback is significant for improving products, optimizing services, and formulating future development strategies. We will listen carefully and adopt their suggestions to ensure that we can continue to meet customer needs and provide better services.

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Lastly, the arrival of existing customers also serves as an affirmation and support for our brand. Their willingness to come to the exhibition specifically to meet with us indicates their recognition and trust in our brand. This support inspires us to continue working hard to provide customers with better products and services and maintain long-term cooperation with them.

Overall, meeting with existing customers is a valuable experience that demonstrates their trust and loyalty to us. This interaction not only deepens our relationship with customers but also brings valuable feedback and suggestions, providing important references and support for our future development.

Media Coverage and Promotion: During the exhibition, we also attracted considerable attention from international media and received detailed interviews and coverage.

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In summary, this exhibition has brought us rich rewards, and we are deeply grateful and pleased. Customer trust and support are key factors in our success. It is because of your support and encouragement that we can continue to grow and progress. We will continue to work hard to provide you with better products and services and grow and develop. Thank you once again for your trust and support!

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