HMLH350 Feed Pellet Mill

  • Capacity: 2-6 t/h
  • Feed Pellet Size: 1-12mm
  • Feed Pellet Forming Rate: >98%
  • Application: chicken, livestock, poultry and pig farms, hennery, feed production workshop, etc.

The feed pellet machine is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in the feed plant. It can be used alone or in the feed pellet production line. The feed pellet maker machine can make various animal feeds: ruminant feed, livestock feed, poultry feed, etc.

Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

The HMLH350 feed pellet machine stands as an essential component within the feed mill plant, serving a pivotal role in both standalone operations and integrated feed pellet production lines. This versatile feed pellet maker machine is adept at producing a diverse range of animal feeds, catering to the nutritional needs of various livestock. Whether it's formulating ruminant feeds for cattle, sheep, and camels, or crafting livestock feeds tailored for horses, pigs, and rabbits, this equipment excels. Moreover, it extends its capabilities to poultry feeds, encompassing chicken, duck, goose, and bird feeds, among others.

Herm Machinery presents the HMLH350 feed pellet machine, a premium-quality commercial equipment designed for precision in feed pellet production. This machine boasts a high-precision gear drive and a ring die mechanism, ensuring optimal performance. Equipped with a stainless steel conditioner and featuring frequency speed control, it incorporates "SKF" high-quality bearings to guarantee efficiency, stability, and low-noise operation. The machine is capable of standalone operation, accompanied by its electric cabinet.

Suited for a wide range of applications, the HMLH350 feed pellet machine finds its place in both large and mid-sized farms, catering to the production of feed pellets for various animals. Its versatility extends to utilizing different raw materials such as grains (wheat, corn, maize) and fibrous materials like grass and straw. With its broad application spectrum, this machine proves to be an indispensable tool in the feed pellet production process.

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Feed Pellet Mill Machine Features

1. High efficiency

-Stable two-motor timing belt drive, large torque but low noise;

-The optimized area-to-power ratio of ring die, maximum output;

-Stable production and uniform pellets obtained.

2. Flexible production

-Wide pellet feed range: φ2.0mm-φ12mm;

3. User-friendly

-Hydraulic system for die changing and roller adjusting, quick and precise operation;

-Auto-lubrication system and die& roller lifting device, saving labor cost;

-On-site touchscreen control system is optional;

4. Hygiene & safety

-CE standard design and available stainless steel conditioner for feed;

-Humanized design and safety.

5. Customizable solution

-Including machine size, ring die, roller, conditioner, and steam system. hydraulic system, auto-lubrication system, die & roller lifting device, etc.

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Feed Pellet Mill Machine Technical Parameters

ModelMain Motor Power (kW)Mold Dia(mm)Feeder Power (kW)Finished pellets size (mm)Yield (t/h)


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