SLHS Shaft Paddle Mixer

  • Capacity: 500-2000 kg/batch
  • Feed Pellet Size: custom
  • Feed Pellet Forming Rate: ≥95
  • Application: poultry, livestock, ruminant,cattle, sheep, pig, goat, fish, shrimp, crab, aquatic, etc

Herm Machinery's latest double shaft paddle mixer offers numerous benefits, ensuring gentle handling, low energy consumption, high capacity, minimal space requirements, and flexible filling for feed mixers.

SLHS Shaft Paddle Mixer Introduction

Herm Machinery introduces its latest specialized double-shaft paddle mixer, offering a myriad of advantages. These feed mixers prioritize product integrity, boasting features such as low energy consumption, high capacity, compact space requirements, and adaptable filling. They can be optionally equipped with multiple atomizing nozzles for liquid addition, ensuring convenient maintenance.

The innovative double-shaft paddle mixer from Herm Machinery comprises paddles mounted on dual shafts within a "W" shaped trough. The unique speed and motion of the shafts, combined with the paddle design, promote rapid fluidization and guarantee efficient particle transport.

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SLHS Shaft Paddle Mixer Advantages

1. Short Mixing Time: An average mixing cycle for dry mixing can be as follows: filling 20-30 seconds, mixing 40-60 seconds, and discharging 10-20 seconds. This gives a total cycle time of 1.5 – 2 minutes.

2. Lower Production And Maintenance Costs: The benefits of the mechanical fluidizing zone are gentle mixing, no segregation, and a very short mixing time. This gives savings in terms of minimal wear and tear and low energy consumption. Maintenance costs are also very low.

3. Easy Cleaning Of Mixer: Side access doors for entry into the mixer interior can be provided. These also provide access for cleaning the mixer internals after the completion of the batch.

4. Higher Throughput: Because of the short mixing time, this results in savings, both in investment costs and space requirements.

5. Reliable Scale Up: The simple design and mixing principle ensure that lab test results can be reliably scaled up to production levels.

6. Gentle Mixing: Shear is very low, As a result, extremely fragile materials can be mixed with minimal degradation.

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SLHS Shaft Paddle Mixer Working Principle

Within a double-shaft paddle mixer, the material experiences the influence of two opposing rotating rotors engaged in synchronized motion. One rotor propels the animal material in a counterclockwise rotation along the inner wall of the machine tank, while the other paddle induces a side-to-side motion, generating a zero-gravity zone at the convergence of the two rotors. In this specific zone, irrespective of the material's shape, size, or density, it swiftly enters a weightless state, enabling the material to execute continuous rotations in all directions within the machine tank. This intricate movement allows for a precise and gentle mixing process, where the material intertwines and cuts through each other, achieving rapid and uniform blending.

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SLHS Shaft Paddle Mixer Technical Parameters



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