Hopper Silo

  • Volume: 300-1500m3
  • Life: 30-50 years
  • Body Plate: galvanized steel sheet
  • Application: It is used for grain storage, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed, and other raw materials. It is essential equipment for the feed pellet plant, grain storage, grain factory, etc.

Hopper silos are widely used in applications requiring routine low volume storage and quick cleanup, reducing energy and labor costs for material handling. The hopper bottom bin, also known as the grain hopper bin and the hopper bottom storage bin, refers to a silo with a tapered bottom.

What Is A Hopper Silo?

Hopper silos are widely used in applications requiring routine low volume storage and quick cleanup, reducing energy and labor costs for material handling. The hopper bottom bin, also known as the grain hopper bin and the hopper bottom storage bin, refers to a silo with a tapered bottom. Typically, most material storage requires the use of hoppers in silos. According to customer requirements and conditions, the shape of the hopper or cone is specially designed to meet the needs of storing products. For some products, such as food and grains, hazards and safety concerns need to be eliminated. It is designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial, and strategic applications such as large farms, inland storage facilities, grain terminals, grain-based factories such as flour mills, feed mills, rice mills, oil mills, and biofuel facilities.

Our hopper bottom silos contain full drainage. The configuration of the hopper bin depends on the type of material to be stored. Generally, granular products require a 45cone bottom silo, while powders or other difficult-to-flow materials are suitable for storage in a 60cone bottom silo. If complete drainage is required, the bottom hopper silo is your only option.

hopper bottom grain silo (1)
hopper bottom grain silo (2)
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Grain Hopper Bin Features?

1. Our different model's hopper silos, which diameters vary from 3m to 13m and capacity from 300 to 1500tones.

2. High galvanization and perfect quality accessories for a longer corrosion protection guarantee. Galvanized steel of 275g/m2, 450g/m2, or 600g/m2 can be selected according to the environmental conditions of the silo.

3. Standard design hopper angles are 45 and 60. It can also be manufactured according to natural conditions such as silo diameter, grain storage characteristics, warehouse wind, earthquake, and snow load.

4. The inner surface of the hopper plate features mushroom head bolts to ensure maximum cleanliness within the silo.

5. Smooth-walled hopper silos for non-free-flowing materials are available upon request.

hopper bottom grain silos
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What is The Structure of Hopper Silo?

Silo Roof

The angle of the silo roof is generally designed to be 25 degrees to 30 degrees. This design can ensure the best structural strength of the silo rack, thereby maximizing the structure and safety of the silo. The silo roof adopts the strong interconnection design of the silo roof, the lower ring beam structure, and the side rib structure with the top cover plate so that the silo can withstand the worst of the silo load, the construction load on the top of the silo, and even the extreme snow load, and another extreme environment.

silo roof of grain silos
Silo Roof of grain silo


Our silos are all made of high-tensile external reinforcement profiles to strengthen the entire silo body structure so that the silo can stand well even in extreme environments. And all reinforcing ribs are all galvanized to ensure that they will not rust for a long time.

Stiffeners of grain silos

Wind Ring

The air ring is mainly used to increase the strength of the hopper silo. For the tall hopper silo or the silo in a strong wind position, the air ring can effectively strengthen the load-bearing of the hopper silo, thereby effectively ensuring the firmness and safety of the silo.

Wind Ring of grain silo

High Strength Bolts

Our silos are all made of high-strength galvanized bolts, with nuts, sealing washers, and the use of sealant between the steel plates, which perfectly guarantees the sealing and firmness of the silos.

High Strength Bolts of grain silo


Our silos generally provide two manholes. The first is usually located on the top of the bin for access from the top of the bin, and the other is usually located on the second bottom ring for workers to enter clean-up or maintenance operations.

Manhole of grain silo

Ladder System & Rest Platforms

The ladders and rest platforms inside and outside the hopper silo are produced entirely in modular form by painted or galvanized sheets. The silo exterior safety ladder with a cage allows workers to reach the roof safely.

Ladder System & Rest Platforms of grain silo

Hopper Bottom

Our hopper silo ensures a solid hopper bottom silo structure with reinforced ring beams, support legs, and tie rods. All of these components reinforce the heavy silo hopper load and the entire silo structure.

hopper grain silos

Wide Flange Ring-Beam Support Structure

The silo's braking system is designed to support the entire silo load to the greatest possible extent, especially considering wind and seismic requirements. If the silo diameter is ≥ 10m, two rings of the support structure are required.

Supporting Legs

The silo outriggers are made of high-strength H-beam with braces, and the number of silo outriggers varies with the capacity of the hopper.


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