Water Drop Hammer Mill

  • Capacity: 2-30 t/h
  • Feed Pellet Size: Custom
  • Feed Pellet Forming Rate: Custom
  • Application: process the raw material in animal feed mill plants

This hammer mill has an electric motor and is suitable for corn, soybean, wheat, and grain grinding. Especially suitable for the pulverization of baby pigs, fish feed, poultry, and livestock Feed. It's widely used in animal feed processing, brewing, chemical, and biological industry.

Water Drop Hammer Mill Introduction

Equipped with an electric motor, this hammer mill is ideal for grinding corn, soybeans, wheat, and various grains, especially suitable for pulverizing baby pig feed, fish feed, poultry, and livestock feed. Its versatile applications span across animal feed processing, brewing, and the chemical and biological industries.

Rugged And Durable: Our equipment is processed with high-standard steel, and the thickness of the body is 20% higher than in the same industry, which greatly improves the service life

Hard And Wear-Resistant Hammer: Made of high-standard 65mn steel, the hardness is increased after quenching. Tungsten carbide is used at both corners of the hammer head to improve wear resistance.

Novel And Efficient: Our technical team has innovated the design of the feed inlet, which can quickly, uniformly, and accurately

Stable And Long Life: Our feed hammer mill uses high-standard Siemens motors, which can fully guarantee the stability of the equipment.

Higher Portability: Built-in self-lock makes the cover flexible and safe.

Wide Application: This feed hammer mill is widely used in poultry, pig, bird, cattle, cow, etc. feed pellet-making machines.

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Water Drop Hammer Mill Working Principle

As the rotor of the SFSP Feed Hammer Mill spins at high speed, the hammers adopt a radial configuration due to centrifugal force (in the case of the hanging hammer rotor). Grain materials like corn and soybeans are fed into the machine by the feeding roller, where they undergo immediate crushing into particles through the impact of the hammerheads, ultimately being torn apart. The granular particles are then discharged through the machine's outlet sieve, undergoing the process repeatedly until passing through the screen. The SFSP feed hammer mill achieves grain crushing primarily through the kinetic energy of the hammers, rather than relying solely on the full energy of the rotor components.

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Water Drop Hammer Mill Application

In cases where large materials fail to meet product manufacturing, feeding, or other requirements, a water drop wood hammer mill crusher can be utilized to grind them to the necessary size before subsequent processing. This versatile application extends to industrial, agricultural, animal husbandry, and household use.

1. Household use.
With the improvement of people’s living quality, more and more lifestyles emerge in response to entertainment needs among which barbecue takes up an essential place. Wood briquettes whose production needs use biomass grinding equipment can be applied as their fuel.

2. Animal husbandry.
Water drop biomass wood hammer mill machine can be used as a pretreatment tool for the production of animal bedding and feeding stuff. Same as wood pellet fuels, pelletized bedding, and feed can be made from some specially selected materials.

3. Agricultural industry.
Water drop wood hammer mill can be used for the production of fertilizer.

4. Industrial industry.
Pellet fuels are now widely applied in many factories. Despite the simple operation and production, raw materials cannot just be pelletized directly because a wood pellet mill requires its feedstock to be less than 6mm. Therefore, before further processing, a biomass wood hammer mill machine is needed. Besides, those plants that manufacture playground cover, landscape mulch, and composite board will also use this equipment.

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Water Drop Hammer Mill Technical Parameters



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