Belt Type Feed Pellet Mill

  • Capacity: 1-15t/h
  • Feed Pellet Size: Customized & OEM
  • Feed Pellet Forming Rate: Customized & OEM
  • Application: chicken, livestock, poultry and pig farms, hennery, feed production workshop, etc.

The belt-type ring die feed pellet machine is a large-scale feed pellet machine, which is used to make corn stalks, bean stalks, flower seedlings, clover, rape straw, etc. into pig feed, cattle feed, sheep feed, rabbits feed, chickens feed, ducks feed, etc.

HM Belt Type Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

The belt-type ring die feed pellet machine, designed for large-scale production, transforms various materials such as corn stalks, bean stalks, flower seedlings, sweet potato vines, clover, and rape straw into feed for cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and more. Widely favored in large and medium-sized feed factories, as well as various livestock farms, this ring die feed machine is the preferred equipment for feed production. Suitable for granulation in feed mills, farms, and chemical industries, it efficiently transforms a range of materials into pellets for livestock feed, grass powder, and organic fertilizer.

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Feed Pellet Mill Structure

Our feed pellet machine comprises a feeder, modulator, pellet mill, lubrication system, and other essential components. The operational process mandates a material mixing degree not exceeding 15%. The material is introduced into the feeding screw from the silo, and its flow is regulated by adjusting the speed through a step-less speed regulation motor. Subsequently, tempering begins as the material is mixed with steam via a paddle mixer. Following tempering, the material temperature ranges between 64°C and 84°C, with humidity levels maintained between 14% and 16%. Ultimately, the material undergoes granulation by entering the press box through the chute.

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HM Belt Type Feed Pellet Mill Features

1. The feeder of our belt-type feed pellet machine adopts the originally imported frequency conversion controller, and the feeding is uniform and accurate.

2. The conditioner is entirely constructed from stainless steel to guarantee long-term resilience in a steam environment. Designed with inspection doors, it facilitates straightforward cleaning and maintenance procedures. Throughout the tempering process, the feed comes into complete contact with steam, resulting in an elevated degree of maturation conducive to the production of top-quality pellet feed.

3. The feed inlet is designed with a deflector, which can control the flow direction of the material (into the cutting chamber or directly discharged from the bottom). It is convenient to prevent materials with the wrong ratio from entering the granulation system.

4. The transmission belt adopts a high-strength SPB V-belt, the transmission is stable and reliable, and the noise is low.

5. The ring die is also made of 100% stainless steel for extra durability. There are a variety of apertures for you to choose from (φ1.5mm~φ12mm), and the compression ratio is customized according to your specific raw materials.

6. The quick-release hoop mold design makes replacement more convenient and greatly improves production efficiency.

7. One-piece spindle, easy to disassemble and assemble, good mechanical performance.

8. Scraper: 1 outer scraper, 2 inner scrapers. (Outer scraper is used to cut feed pellets with adjustable pellet length; inner scraper is used for mixing and deflection)

9. Reasonable lubricating system design (spindle, pressure roller): specially designed refueling holes to achieve non-stop refueling.

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HM Belt Type Feed Pellet Mill Technical Parameters

Feed Power(kW)Capacity(T/H)Feed Power(kW)Feed Power(kW)Main Power(kW)


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