WNS Steam Boiler

  • Capacity: Customized & OEM
  • Feed Pellet Size: Customized & OEM
  • Feed Pellet Forming Rate: Customized & OEM
  • Application: widely used in textile mills, pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, food processing industry, wood industry, etc

The WNS series oil-fired gas boilers, known for their compact structure, safe operation, easy installation, low pollution, and minimal noise, find widespread use in textile mills, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, clothing, food processing, wood processing, and other industries.

What is a WNS Steam Boiler?

The WNS series steam boiler represents a fully automated and secure heating system known for its efficiency. This three-pass structure fire tube boiler features a horizontal quick-installation design, offering a compact structure, small footprint, robust load adaptability, and minimal water quality demands. Employing a wet-back structure suitable for high temperatures, the steam boiler ensures excellent sealing performance, enhancing the radiation heat transfer area and overall heat transfer efficiency.

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With features like compact structure, safe operation, easy installation, low pollution, and minimal noise, the WNS series oil-fired gas boilers find extensive applications in various industries. These industries include textile mills, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, clothing, food processing, and wood processing. Additionally, they are utilized for central heating in enterprises, hotels, hospitals, and civil buildings within the processing industry.


WNS Steam Boiler Advantages

1. High efficiency

- Equipped with high-quality and reliable burners, high burning efficiency, low harmful gas emissions, and noise operation.

- The horizontal three-link structure is adopted to effectively absorb thermal expansion. Use a large-diameter corrugated stove. Large combustion space, high combustion efficiency.

- The spiral ripple tube enhances the interference of flue gas and high heat transfer efficiency.

- The boiler shell is saved with aluminum silicate plates, high thermal shielding efficiency, and low-calorie loss, and improves the heat efficiency of the boiler.

- Equipped with saved doses, make full use of the heat of flue gas, reduce the exhaust temperature, and the thermal efficiency can be increased to 98 %.

2. High safety performance

- Complete gas turbide and protection systems, including filters, regulating valves, and solenoid valves to ensure the safety performance of the fuel.

- Reliable boiler auxiliary machines and multiple safety protection equipment, such as pressure controller, pressure transmitter, water level alarm, safety valve, etc.

- Adopt PLC's completely automatic intelligent control cabinets and interoperability protection procedures. It has a protective function against water shortage, high pressure, temperature, gas leakage, flames, electric leaks, and electric motor phrases or overloads.

- Equipped with explosive equipment and high energy emitted when an explosion occurs in the stove to ensure the safety of the boiler and operate effectively.

3. Low cost

- Using a proprietary boiler technology, the boiler is 100 % docking welding, has a high-quality and long-term working life, and has low maintenance costs.

- The boiler has high combustion efficiency, and the cost of energy saving and fuel is low.

4. Save space

Use fast assembly structure, compact structure, convenient transportation, and small occupation.

5. Convenient maintenance

- There are human holes, head holes, and special hand holes in the boiler. The smoke room is equipped with a mobile door for convenient installation, inspection, and cleaning inside the boiler.

- The explosion-proof door has fire glass and an inspection library to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the stove.

WNS Steam Boiler Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity(t/h)Fuel Consumption
Heavy oil (kg/h)Light oil (kg/h)Natural gas (Nm3/h)Urban coal gas (Nm3/h)


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